Switzerland is a country located at the heart of the Alps in Western Europe, Switzerland is popular with students and graduates wanting to study abroad. While known for academic excellence, Switzerland is also a great place to study if you want to pick up a second language, thanks to the multilingual Swiss population. Depending on where you study you could get to grips with German, French, Italian or Romansh. Each linguistic area has its own institutions, traditions and cultures. With its prestigious education system, low university fees and high standard of living, studying in Switzerland is a smart choice besides USA or Canada. This article gives in-depth information about the law courses that international students can study in Switzerland.

Master’s Programmes in International Law

Studying International Law as an international student in Switzerland offers an overall look on countries and states in an international context and, also, a deep analysis of the main areas of international security and the UN system, and the tools necessary to understand the issues surrounding armed conflicts, terrorism, modern warfare, and the security of international transactions and intellectual property. This programme is ideal for graduates or professionals with no law background but an interest in the theory and practice of international law and desire to become generalist in international security and the UN system.  Upon successful completion of a liberal law programme, you will be all-rounders and have knowledge and understanding of the rules, systems, techniques, practices, dynamics and discourses by virtue of which international security discourse develops. This programme can also be used as a route into PhD research.