LSAT is administered in Accra at the US Embassy however you are advised to register in advance in order to reserve your spot. Prospective LSAT Takers who wish to register should use the form below this article to get in touch with us for more information concerning registration.


Law in itself is as challenging as is a rewarding profession. Law programmes and scholarships agencies look for promising candidates who can make a difference in legal work and related careers. Admission officers look for candidates with excellent LSAT scores when making admissions and scholarships decisions. LSAT preparation is necessary months before the actual test sitting. You need to thoroughly understand LSAT curriculum so you can answer individual LSAT sections precisely in given time limit. The right guidance prevents any last minute hassle. Students preparing to enter law school may have many questions. Finding right answers at right time is the key to preparation. Preparation is the key in an examination like LSAT, its unique, its different. If you need advice regarding the LSAT, you can fill out the form below and one of our educational cousellors will reach out to you. We offer free educational counseling and test preparation tips as well as premium preparatory courses and materials that have been of immense help to many of our clients over the years. Potential test takers can also take advantage of these resources to score excellently in the LSAT to pave way for their future educational prospects.